Staff & Leadership
Will Pruett
Senior Minister
Courtney Holden
Children’s Minister
Christina Benson
Office Manager
Our Elders
Our church is elder-led; which means instead of being governed by a board or by one man, we are led by a group of men that answer to God. These men make decisions regarding the church and its people. 
Steve Boyles
Curtis Clark
Jerry Keplinger
Our Deacons
Our church is happy to have several deacons that help lead certain ministries within our congregation.
These men and their families play a very important role in the health of our congregation.
Jay Benson
Deacon of Hosting
David Buller
Deacon of Adult Education
Daryl Colwill
Deacon of Building Maintenance
Paul Crowell
Deacon of IT
Brad Hogan
Deacon of Grounds Maintenance
Eddie Hogan
Deacon of Assembly Management
Jim Long
Deacon of Missions
Jerel Pawley
Deacon of Building Maintenance
Richard Roper
Deacon of Family Life
Val Smith
Deacon of Finances
Lane Westmoreland
Deacon of Family Life